WW - Wellness Company

New York, NY - San Francisco, CA

We have completed two project for this company in New York and San Francisco. We installed a 2 by 2 Planar video wall in their cafe’ in New York and a 3 by 3 Planar video wall in their lobby in San Francisco. We installed 5 meeting/huddle rooms, a large conference room, 7 small conference rooms and a cafe.

Photographs by David Wakely


Indeed - Global Job Search Company

San Francisco - Seattle - Scottsdale - Austin

We recently completed large design build audiovisual project for Indeed in Scottsdale. The project consisted of large and small conference rooms, huddle rooms, all hands spaces, cafes, and game rooms. We installed a 2 by 4 Planar video wall in the all hands space, digital signage throughout, room schedulers, projection screens for the training room, video conferencing equipment and much more. Other locations include in San Francisco, Seattle and Austin. We’ve enjoyed being a part of all these builds!

Columbia Property Trust - Real Estate Developer

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco’s real estate developer Columbia Property Trust recently began work on the renovation of its property at 221 Main Street, San Francisco. The project renovation included the creation of a completely new rooftop outdoor living experience. Wanting a dynamic visual display to be the focal point of the design, Columbia Property Trust called upon the team at Creation Networks who installed an IP65-rated LED video display and a distributed audio system to address their requirements.

VMG Partners - Private Equity Investment Firm 

San Francisco, CA

We completed a large conference room and lounge for this client that included two Zoom Rooms with video conferencing capabilities. The large boardroom hardware is supported by Crestron, Shure, Biamp and Zoom This was a beautiful space to work with.