Team Studio

Product Documents

Footprint: 19 x 24′ | 444 SF
Category: 12-24 People

Product Description


The Team Studio is designed for generative collaboration, ideal when teams are working together for extended periods of time, not only reviewing and sharing content, but brainstorming and generating ideas.

Technical Specifications

The wall mounted dual 65” displays at one end are ideal for video conferencing while sharing content. Flanked by a 55” integrated flat screen, the space provides multiple destinations to share content and the wall-to-wall whiteboard gives participants a way to engage, interact and edit/augment ideas on the fly. The split table is designed to allow people to easily transition from the table to the whiteboard areas.

The stool height seating also supports standing, perching and moving from various locations within the space and there is HD videoconferencing integrated for remote team collaboration as well.

Cable management is delivered into the furniture through the base which prevents any unsightly wires along the floor and minimizes trip hazards.

The room scheduling system allows scheduling of the studio in advance or on the fly.

Equipment List



(2) 65” Flat Screen Displays

(1) 55” Flat Screen Display

Input Sources:

Laptops (Owner Furnished Equipment)

Video Processing:

Digital Media Switcher

Video Conferencing:

Soft Codec and 12x Camera

Control System:

Wireless 7” Touch Panel

Control System

Room Scheduling System



High Top Task Seating, Lounge Seating


Large Boards