Cisco SX10 Quick Set Room


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Category: 3-5 People

Product Description

Room Description

Retreat from an open workspace for a private, collaborative face-to-face conversation.

Technical Specifications

The SX10 Room is built using the following technologies:

All In One Unit

The Cisco SX10 features an integrated camera and microphone built into the codec unit, making it suitable for smaller spaces. Its elegant design also simplifies cabling, making installation possible in a variety of room types. Featuring true 1080p30 video with a wide angle lens, the SX10 does not sacrifice quality.

User-Friendly Remote Control

While this platform incorporates some serious technology, it isn’t helpful if you need a degree in rocket science to operate it. The control panel makes it easy to control every aspect of your meeting, including starting/joining a meeting so that your time is spent collaborating on the project at hand, not trying to figure out how.

Price List

  • SX10 Quickset Codec
  • Integrated Camera
  • List Cost: $3,990.00

What to expect from this room: