Small Conference Room

Product Documents

Footprint: 14 x 19′ | 266 SF
Category: 6-8 People

Product Description


The small meeting room is intended for more formal presentations and audio conferencing. Laptops connect at the table to share content on a 65” flat screen mounted on the wall system. A table top audio conferencing system with built in speaker/microphone is utilized for remote dialing.

Technical Specifications

The conferencing table has a recessed cable management system and access for power/data within the table leg. Computer audio and far end audio will be distributed through ceiling speakers. System power, source selection, audio dialing and volume control are all controlled by a 7” wireless touch panel. The seating, table and wall system create a high quality, technology optimized space.


Integrated Audio and Video Conferencing: Six Cardioid Boundary microphones can be installed flush to the table surface for audio conferencing.


Integrated Audio and Video Conferencing: Cardioid boundary microphones can be integrated into the table and technology system. A Cisco camera/codec would reside under the flat screen in the wall system. The touch panel design accommodates videoconferencing dialing, camera control and source selection.

Equipment List


65” Flat Screen

Input Sources:

Laptops (Owner Furnished Equipment)

Sound Systems:

Flush Mount Cardioid Boundary Microphone

DSP Sound Processing with Telco

Ceiling Speakers

Control Systems: Wireless 7” Touch Panel Control System


Video Conferencing:

Codec and 12x Camera


Ergonomic Task Seating

Tables | Desks:

Conference table


Wall System