Huddle Room

Product Documents

Footprint: 12 x 12′ | 144 SF
Category: up to 5 People

Product Description


Small huddle rooms are key to supporting the day to day collaboration between individuals. This room is enclosed for privacy and has dual collaboration and video conferencing capabilities.

Technical Specifications

The 50” monitor is wall mounted with a USB camera. Specialized lighting for optimal facial illumination is installed in the ceiling. A speakerphone and camera connect to the primary laptop via a USB connection. The remote laptop will utilize a cloud based desktop videoconferencing platform.

When designing small huddle spaces here are several key guidelines:

  • Room should be sized at least 20-25 sq. ft. per person.
  • 1 Huddle space per 10 employees in the open plan office (or) 1 Huddle space per 20 employees in a private office environment is considered optimal.
  • Display height should be 48” from the floor.
  • Display size should be between 4 and 8 times the length from the furthest seat at the table.

Equipment List



50” Flat Screen Display

Input Sources:

Laptops (Owner Furnished Equipment)

Laptop / Internet based video conferencing

Video Conferencing:

USB Camera

Video Lighting

Sound Systems:

Tabletop USB Speakerphone


Cable Management



Task Seating

Tables | Desks:

Videoconference Table