Game Lounge

Product Documents

Footprint: 12 x 15′ | 180 SF
Category: 8-10 People


This lovely lounge area where employees can relax and interact with each other during their breaks. It has comfortable sofas, armchairs, chic tables from place to place and even a ping pong and pool table. It’s sort of like a living room but at the office

Technical Specifications

Of course, an office doesn’t have to be huge to include a lounge space or to have a fun zone.

Equiment List

  • (4) Samsung 55″ Commercial Displays
  • (4) Chief Articulating Display Mounts
  • (1) Crestron TSW-760 Touch Panel
  • (4) Crestron DM-4K-RMC-100-C
  • (1) Crestron Matrix switch
  • Pendant Speakers
  • Various Audio & Video Inputs