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Product Description

Room Description

Everything about the Conference Room solution says Fortune 50. (Except the price.) For local presentations, a dedicated control panel puts the power into the hands of the presenter. A confidence monitor allows the presenter to see exactly what the room is seeing (meaning no more looking at the presenter’s back half the time). For remote presentations, the dual cameras and 4 displays provide superb interaction.

Technical Specifications

Many AV solutions show you only a small image of the entire room, making it difficult to interact. This system uses two independent cameras that provide a full-sized image of the active speaker. It switches from speaker to speaker in an instant, meaning fluid conversations complete with body language and facial expressions.

The SX80 is capable of powering your needs today and into the future. Featuring true 1080p HD video quality, stereo sound, and multiple simultaneous inputs, the SX80 is a flexible platform offering uncompromising expansion and integration.

Using multiple displays allows unprecedented collaboration. You can share content on one screen without sacrificing the video stream of participants. You can see reactions to your content in real time.

While this platform incorporates some serious technology, the User friendly control panel makes it easy to control every aspect of your meeting, including starting/joining a meeting so that your time is spent collaborating on the project at hand, not trying to figure out how.”

Equipment List

  • SX80 Codec
  • Speaker Track 60 Dual Camera System
  • Precision 60 Camera
  • Four Planar 55″ Video Wall Displays
  • TSW-1060
  • In-ceiling speakers and Shure MXA910 microphones
  • Biamp DSP & amplifier