Product Documents

Footprint: 20 x 30′ | 600 SF
Category: 24-30 People

Product Description


The modern boardroom.

Technical Specifications

In the workplace, the Lab concept can be utilized for training rooms, large teaming situations and as an innovation center.

Four mobile 48” displays support up to 6 laptop connections each for democratic content sharing during group work. Each participant connects and selects their laptop for display using “show me” cables which have a blue light to indicate which source is active. Cables are accessible at the recessed cable management system in the table.

Using the 10” touch panel, the facilitator can select their computer, a Blu-ray player, a document camera or the active source from any of the four displays to share onto the wall-mounted 70-75”” flat screen display. Conversely, the facilitator can push her/his content to all 4 displays.

The program audio associated with the main display source is distributed through the ceiling speakers.

Equipment List


55” Microsoft Surface Hub

90” Flat Screen

Input Sources:

Laptops (Owner Furnished Equipment)

Cable Tuners (Owner Furnished Equipment) Blu-Ray

Video Processing:

Digital Media Switcher

Control Systems:

Wall Mount and Wireless 10” Touch Panel

Control System

Sound Systems:

Ceiling Speakers Audio Conferencing

Ceiling and Table Microphones


Executive, Ergonomic Seating

Lounge Bench

Tables | Desks:

Conference Table Laptop Tables