Prysm Launches LPD 6K Interactive Large-Format Display

New Single-Panel Laser Phosphor Displays Aim to Set New Standards for Video Walls

Prysm has unveiled the Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series. These interactive, large-format, single-panel displays represent a significant improvement over the company’s previous technology, with panoramic images uninterrupted by seams or bezels. The displays are shatter-resistant, flexible, and can even be rolled up for transport.

The LPD 6K is available in two sizes—135 inches and 190 inches—and can display content in both 4K and 6K resolution.

“Our LPD 6K is extremely versatile,” said Hannah Grap, vice president of marketing at Prysm. “We’re introducing a digital signage solution, a broadcasting solution, and the ability to create up-close and one-on-one interactive experiences right next to the video wall.”

Initially created as a means to work in tandem with Prysm software, the screen is compatible with the Prysm digital workplace platform for interactive operation.

“Most of our implementations go back to the need of video content sharing,” Grap said. “Whether that is in a boardroom or an experience center, we have quite a few customers using it in that high-versatility space.”

The LPD screen is touted to use 20 percent less energy than the standard LCD screen, making it extremely energy efficient; according to the company, its power consumption similar to a commercial coffee maker. The screen itself does not require a separate cooling system and 96 percent of materials used in the production of the screen are recyclable.