Christie MicroTiles LED Unveiled at ISE 2019

Taking the next step in its popular MicroTiles line, Christie debuts smaller, brighter and flexible Christie MicroTiles LED at ISE 2019

Building on its iconic MicroTiles video wall display cube line, Christie is unveiling seamless pixel Christie MicroTiles LED that are smaller, brighter, easier to install and open up video wall design possibilities. The new Christie MicroTiles LED will be on display during Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2019).

Just prior to ISE 2019, Christie had teased “the next evolution of Christie MicroTiles as the transformative technology platform moves into the future.” Enter a narrow-pixel pitch LED solution.

For Christie product developers, Christie MicroTiles LED marks the culmination of a two-year project. “Our mission was really to make the system much easier to install, achieve a higher level of performance — all while obtaining a very high level of reliability,” says Mark Lemieux, product engineer, Christie MicroTiles LED.

The new Christie MicroTiles LED solves integrators’ and customers’ video wall challenges with a three-pillar strategy, according to Ted Romanowitz, senior product manager, Christie.

Pillar I: Unparalleled visual performance with broad compliance optimized for life
Pillar II: Almost limitless artistic creativity
Pillar III: Maximize LED investment with lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and mission critical reliability

“We’re taking a lot of those design concepts that have been so well received in the marketplace and transitioning that and bringing it to narrow-pixel pitch LED,” Romanowitz tells CI.

As a result, Christie MicroTiles LED delivers P3 color space, fully compliant HDR-10 and patented software that keeps the wall calibrated at 97 percent or greater uniformity, according to the company.  Christie has designed the MicroTiles LED to be suitable for:

Broadcast sets
Corporation venues
Higher education

It includes a low profile ADA-compliant QuickMount system so displays can be created in any shape and size, including 90-degree inside/outside corners and both concave and convex curves.

“We’ve been working on this. We took the time to get it right. It really honors our customers and solves some of the problems and frustrations that they’ve had.

“We see this as a great way of spurring adoption more broadly of LED technology because it’s going to be a lot easier to design not only on the mechanical side but also from the system design perspective. It will also provide mission-critical reliability and it is easier to install.”
Christie MicroTiles LED: Visual Performance, Broad Compliance

It goes without saying that the narrow pixel pitch LED display market has exploded over the last several years. Christie, armed with input from its dealers, decided it was time to take the next step with its iconic video wall display technology line.

“Christie has been very successful with the MicroTiles brand – end customers and our integrators love it because it makes for an easy creative solution,” says Romanowitz in a press release announcing MicroTiles LED. “With that in mind, Christie took everything great about MicroTiles and brought it to narrow pixel pitch LED.

“This product is why I came to Christie two years ago,” says Christie’s Ted Romanowitz.

Christie sites market research from FutureSource Consulting that shows the narrow pixel pitch indoor LED market with 60 percent year-over-year growth.

“We’re beginning to see the market evolve from mechanical design to focus more heavily on signal processing and the introduction of advanced capabilities such as AV over IP,” says Chris McIntyre-Brown, Associate Director, Professional Equipment and Displays at FutureSource Consulting.

“We will see premier AV manufacturers bring products to market which address real customer challenges, which will in turn spur broader adoption of narrow pixel pitch LED technology in international markets.”