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Locker Room Video

Yellow Jackets’ new recruit-attractor. Although the big news in college football is usually the appointment of a new head coach, a record-setting performance or new, state-of-the-art facilities, this year it has also been about million-dollar locker room renovations. The “wow” factor plays a significant role even in locker room renovations because it enhances the team’s […]

Maintaining Masking

Looking after the equipment…and the effect. Open-plan space, modular walls and reflective surfaces, such as glass, concrete and metal, are just a few of the design trends making today’s interiors even more dependent on sound masking for speech privacy and noise control. Ensuring that this technology continues to function as expected over the course of […]

Who owns the Code?

I thought this issue was resolved years ago, but apparently not…. Recently, a fellow consultant mentioned to me a project he was called in to fix. It was the usual—did not work right, never worked right, poor workmanship, client was not happy. He was also told it could not be resolved by the integrator (design-build). […]

Office Design: Balancing Capability and Usability

The modern workplace has been transformed by the rise in remote workers, causing a shift from permanent offices, cubicles, and dedicated meeting rooms to transient, multiuse work areas. This trend, paired with the increased desire for collaboration by the millennial generation, results in reduced fixed office space and more huddle spaces, open floorplans, and flexible […]

Transforming Meetings With Smarter UC Solutions

Biamp’s Devio DCM-1 ceiling pendant microphone uses beamtracking technology, allowing meeting room participants to move around freely while maintaining consistent speech intelligibility. The metric for measuring the success of a meeting and collaboration space is changing. In the past, when a technology manager had 10 rooms to outfit, the mission was straightforward: stay on budget […]

Updating Enterprise Meetings with Laser Phosphor Displays

Seamless, super-sized interactive video wall displays get clients excited and staff engaged PowerPoint presentations used to be cutting-edge and exciting. So were VCRs, Walkman tape players and brick-sized mobile phones—back in the day. But today’s sales teams need better. Their audiences are increasingly bored, sitting passively through slide deck after slide deck, and then forgetting […]

Christie Powers Upgraded MicroTiles Video Wall at Perelman School of Medicine

When New Era Technology of West Chester, Pennsylvania, was asked to upgrade the video technology driving a Christie MicroTiles wall at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, the integrator chose the Christie Spyder X80 multiscreen windowing processor. The Christie MicroTiles wall, located on the first floor of the Smilow Center for Translational Research, […]

Using 4K to Make a Better UCC Room (But Not Because of Resolution)

Everyone who’s anyone in AV knows that 4K provides four times the resolution of 1080p. 1920×1080, commonly referred to as ‘Full HD’ was the industry’s high-resolution display platform for over a decade and has recently been usurped by 4K — which in ProAV-land is known as UHD, or 3840×2160 (or in DCI-world, 4096×2160) is, in […]

Bacro Adds Zoom Rooms Integration to ClickShare

Partnership designed to provide a stronger end-user experience he What: Barco’s ClickShare now natively integrates with Zoom Rooms, the software-based videoconference room solution from Zoom Video Communications. The What Else: Remote collaboration in meetings is omnipresent. Barco is validating the use of ClickShare together with remote collaboration solutions in an open ecosystem. The cooperation of […]

Leyard and Planar to Debut WallSync at InfoComm 2018

The What: Leyard and Planar is launching Leyard WallSync, a set of technologies integrated into the Clarity Matrix G3 Video Wall System, which address a range of common video synchronization needs and deliver video playback across entire video walls without manual configuration. Leyard WallSync is designed to solve common video synchronization challenges in applications ranging from […]