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AV Control v2.0: The Industry’s Long Overdue Firmware Update

By Greg Mattson, product management, Installed Systems, QSC You ever wonder why people avoid pressing that “upgrade firmware” button on their devices? I have a theory: Some people suffer from a basic lack of awareness. They don’t know that a better solution is out there. Some people are busy. They flat-out avoid updates because it […]

Crestron, Amazon Web Services Launch Alexa For Business

From launching a web conference to pulling up presentation materials on-screen, together Crestron and Amazon Alexa will help ensure meetings are timely and productive. With Alexa for Business, Crestron is bringing voice control to conference rooms across North America with the availability of its enterprise skill for Amazon Alexa. Alexa for Business is a new […]

Vaddio Launches DocCAM 20 HDBT In-Ceiling Document Camera

Vaddio has launched the DocCAM 20 HDBT Camera, a new high definition, recessed in-ceiling overhead document camera which features 20x optical zoom and high-definition 1080p/60Hz resolution. DocCAM 20 HDBT features a 59.5-degree horizontal field of view to capture more of the tabletop in the camera view. Its laser dot alignment feature frames the subject matter […]

Using TesiraFORTÉ DAN with Shure MXA310 and MXA910

The purpose of this article is to provide a starting point to aid in the successful deployment of the TesiraFORTÉ DAN with Shure MXA310 and/or MXA910 microphone arrays. Specific understanding of the Shure MXA products is best gleaned from documentation and training provided by Shure. Links to these resources can be found later in this article. TesiraFORTÉ DAN […]

Crestron and Amazon Web Services Join Forces to Make Meetings Productive

Rockleigh, NJ – November 30, 2017 – Crestron, a global leader in workplace technology, today announced that, with Alexa for Business, it is bringing voice control to conference rooms across North America with the availability of its enterprise skill for Amazon Alexa. Alexa for Business is a new service announced today by Amazon Web Services (AWS) […]

Peerless-AV Launches All-in-One Kiosk Powered by BrightSign

The What: Peerless-AV has launched an All-in-One Kiosk, powered by BrightSign. Featuring a sleek design with a small footprint, the All-in-One Kiosk offers a complete digital signage solution for any indoor application setting, from corporate to retail, to hospitality, and beyond. The What Else: Powered by a BrightSign built-in Digital Signage Module, the All-in-One Kiosk […]

Breaking Product News: Biamp’s AVB-Based TesiraLUX Video Streaming Solution Now Shipping

Posted on Sep 29, 2017 By Margot Douaihy Biamp is now shipping its TesiraLUX product line of video streaming solutions to its global base of customers. The TesiraLUX suite, utilizing IEEE Audio Video Bridging/Time-Senstive Networking (AVB/TSN), includes an AVB video encoder (TesiraLUX IDH-1) and an AVB video decoder (TesiraLUX OH-1). The encoder features one HDMI port, one DisplayPort port, and includes […]

Making a Mega Project Work

Posted on Sep 27, 2017 By Karen Mitchell These days, the term “mega projects” indicates large buildings for public assembly, such as sports complexes, corporate headquarters, and transportation facilities like airport shopping centers, said Ted Leamy, senior vice president for Panasonic’s AV direct sales group. “These sports venues are not stadiums but are becoming meeting […]