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Our design methodology is based on a consultative approach to ensure the best solution


When a client contacts Creation Networks for a specific need, the initial meeting collects all pertinent information and starts the Discovery phase. During this phase, Creation Networks may visit the client, schedule a series of meetings, and discuss the details of the client’s requirements and goals.

Design and Architecture

Once the client is comfortable with the estimate created out of the Discovery phase, a signature triggers the beginning of the engineering phase.  In this phase, Creation Networks will create all of the necessary documents for the installation.  This phase will also produce a detailed proposal, scope of work and BoM (Bill of materials).

Installation and Programming

Once the proposal is approved, Creation Networks begins the installation phase.  This phase is broken down into a series of steps which can vary based on the project being new construction or an existing structure.

Turnover and Training

Once the system is installed, programmed, and tested, we then enter the most important phase of the project.  Turnover and training to our client.

During this phase we will provide all of the manuals, software, warranty cards, and other material.  We will spend time with the client giving them the necessary instructions and training to operate the system.

Extended Support and Warranty

All systems installed by Creation Networks come with a 12-month warranty at no cost.  Equipment and components installed also come with varying manufacturer warranties from one year to lifetime. We offer preventative maintenance plans to support your service needs.

Professional Services

We offer solutions from consulting, project management, design, staging, engineering, remote support and tracking capabilities.

Project Management

We serve as an integral member of your project team, attending construction meetings and overseeing installation and project closeout.

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